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2 min readMar 14, 2024


When Kubernetes meets k8sgpt

儭 You wont find a day where people arent talking or posting about Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially chat models like GPT. Its a topic that surfaces everywhere and all the time!

Jumping on the bandwagon, today Ill discuss the tool k8sgpt, as described on its official page: k8sgpt is a tool for scanning your Kubernetes clusters, diagnosing, and triaging issues in simple English. It has SRE experience codified into its analyzers and helps to pull out the most relevant information to enrich it with AI.

Heres my take:
k8sgpt effectively explains issues, at least the basic ones.
If youre expecting k8sgpt to fix an issue for you, you should know that its not going to happen, at least for now.

k8sgpt has an operator that can analyze and explain issues for you:
The documentation still needs significant improvement.
Only supports a handful of Kubernetes resources.
Only supports one integration with trivy.

剁 Command that I ran:

GitHub repository for testing:

Blog I followed:

Last but not least, a shoutout to Viktor Farcics videos.

The project is just starting out, and since its open-source, anyone can help improve it. This means theres a lot of room to make it better. I believe that, as time goes on, it will definitely improve.

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