My road to AWS Certified Developer -Associate

This is the continuation of my earlier post, My road to AWS Certified Sysops Associate, and Yay now I cleared the AWS Developer exam. This is my fourth AWS certification and 18th technical certification.

WARNING: Some House Keeping task before reading this blog

1: As everyone needs to sign NDA with AWS, I can’t tell you the exact question asked during the exam; neither I have GB of memory, but I can give you the pointers what to expect in the exam.

2: As we all know, AWS infrastructure updates every day, so some of the stuff might not be relevant after a few days/weeks/months.

3: Please don’t ask for any exam dumps or question; that defeats the whole purpose of the exam.

Exam Preparation

  • The acloudguru course is pretty good, but unfortunately, it doesn’t cover topics in-depth asked during the exam
  • My second recommendation is Linux Academy; it covers topics in-depth but not up to the level that is required for this exam. Somehow I am not able to post the link of the LinuxAcademy course as it keeps on re-directing to ACloudGuru :-).
  • AWS Re: Invent Videos: I highly recommend going through these videos, as they will give you enough in-depth knowledge about each service.
  • AWS Documentation: Best documentation ever provided by any service provider. Don’t miss the FAQ regarding each service (especially for CloudWatch, CloudFormation, and Route53 ).
  • My own blog

Based on my experience, you must need to know these five services to clear this exam.

  • DynamoDB
  • S3
  • Cognito
  • AWS Lambda
  • API Gateway

Surprise Package: Not many questions related to SNS or Load Balancer.

1: IAM

  • Understand how roles work in IAM(How to attach a role to EC2 Instance)
  • STS (How STS Work), here is the link to the best video I know to learn STS
  • Difference between IAM Policies(Inline vs Managed vs Custom Policy)

2: EC2

Some indirect questions related to EC2 in combination with IAM Policy and Role but nothing concrete.

3: RDS

Same as EC2 there is no direct question but in combination with elastic cache, like how to improve the performance of RDS

4: CloudFront

Securing and accessing CloudFront(HTTPS)

5: ElasticCache

  • SQS Visibility timeout
  • Difference between Standard vs FIFO queue
  • SQS Polling(short vs long polling)

6: S3

  • Make sure you have hands-on experience of creating an S3 bucket
  • Understand different encryption type in S3(SSE-S3, SSE-KMS, and SSE-C), you will see 2–3 question related to S3 encryption
  • 2–3 question related to CORS
  • How to write S3 Bucket Policy
  • This is a surprise package for me but I see 2–3 question related to S3 events
  • How to host Static’s website using S3

7: Lambda

  • Make sure you have hands-on experience of creating Lambda
  • API gateway in the combination of lambda
  • What is Lambda dead letter queue
  • How to configure Lamba timeout
  • Lambda versioning(How to version your Lambda function)

8: API Gateway

  • Again make sure you have hands-on experience on creating API Gateway
  • Various API gateway method

9: X-Ray

  • 3–4 question related to X-Ray for example, how to debug the issue

10: DynamoDB

  • Difference between Scan vs Query
  • How to calculate Read vs Write capacity
  • What is DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
  • Global vs Local Secondary Index
  • Difference between auto-scaling and on-demand

11: ElasticBean Stalk

  • 2–3 question related to elastic beanstalk

12: CI/CD

  • Understand the use of CodeCommit
  • Different phases of CodeBuild
  • How CodePipeline works
  • How to add manual approval in your code pipeline

13: Docker

  • 1–2 question related to Docker, in combination with Fargate

14: CloudFormation

  • Once again you must have hands-on experience with CloudFormation
  • You know how to read the cloud formation template and know the resource is the mandatory section.
  • One question-related to CloudFormation with Serverless Application Model

15: Cognito

  • Bunch of question-related to Cognito for example setting up mobile apps with Cognito
  • Use of user pools

16: CloudWatch

  • 1–2 Create and Pushing cloud watch custom metrics

17: Step Function

  • one question related to step function

Final Words

  • One of the mistakes I did for this exam is taking it lightly but most of the services asked in the exam I don’t have hands-on experience, so I barely crossed the finishing line. Please make sure do extra preparation for DynamoDB, CloudFormation, Cognito, API Gateway, and Lambda
  • Most of the questions are too the point and rarely any scenario-based question, which means less reading.
  • So keep calm and write this exam and let me know in case if you have any questions.

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