Meetup and GitHub Link — 101 Days of DevOps

Prashant Lakhera
2 min readJul 2, 2021

Two important announcements

1: Starting from next week, I am starting the meetup group again, and it will cover each week, i.e., July 11 meetup will cover Day 1 -7

of 101 days of DevOps

For more info, register via the below link

2: Some of you are already aware of my GitHub repo

Every day, I will assign you some coding tasks; if you want to send me PR for code review, please feel free to do that. I will set the PR guidelines (e.g., it should have a test case assigned to it, test case result, etc. ) The main idea behind this is to give you tasks that you can co-relate in your daily job instead of giving you hypothetical tasks(e.g., calculate the triangle area). Would you mind letting me know your thoughts?

I am looking forward to you guys joining the amazing journey.



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