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  • Tammy Bryant Butow

    Tammy Bryant Butow

  • Mark Antony Racławski-Łisłe

    Mark Antony Racławski-Łisłe

  • Johnny Boursiquot

    Johnny Boursiquot

    SRE • Trainer • Speaker • Author • Community Organizer

  • Kim Wuestkamp

    Kim Wuestkamp

    wuestkamp.com | killer.sh (CKS CKA CKAD Simulator) | Software Engineer, Infrastructure Architect, Certified Kubernetes, Certified Symfony

  • Narendra L

    Narendra L

    Techdummies@YouTube + Python:Web-Design:Bigdata:DataScience

  • Piotr


    Opinions: Multi-cloud is real, Microservices are hard, Kubernetes is the future, CLIs are good. Me: Love jogging with my dog and learning new things.

  • Kamran Ahmed

    Kamran Ahmed

    Tempted to follow? Follow me on twitter twitter.com/kamranahmedse

  • Gaurav Gupta

    Gaurav Gupta

    Cloud & DevOps Enthusiast

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