100 Days of DevOps — Day 36-Introduction to AWS System Manager

What Is AWS Systems Manager?

Setting up IAM Role for System Manager

Installing SSM Agent

What is AWS Systems Manager State Manager

AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store

$ aws ssm get-parameters --names "testpass"{"InvalidParameters": [],"Parameters": [{"Name": "testpass","LastModifiedDate": 1552923749.085,"Value": "test123","Version": 1,"Type": "String","ARN": "arn:aws:ssm:us-west-2:XXXXXXX:parameter/testpass"}]}

How to store a secure string

$ aws ssm get-parameters --names "mysecurestring" --with-decryption{"InvalidParameters": [],"Parameters": [{"Name": "mysecurestring","LastModifiedDate": 1552923877.289,"Value": "test123","Version": 1,"Type": "SecureString","ARN": "arn:aws:ssm:us-west-2:349934551430:parameter/mysecurestring"}]}
# To store the secret# aws ssm put-parameter --name "secret-password" --value 'XXXXX' --type SecureString --key-id XXXXXX{"Version": 1}

AWS Systems Manager Inventory

* Give you inventory some name
* Targets: Either Manually select the instance or better to use Tag so that all the future installed instance will be tracked automatically
* Schedule: How frequently you want to collect Invnetory
* Parameter: Different Parameter you want to collect



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