100 Days of DevOps — Day 20— Auto-Scaling Group using Terraform

What is Auto Scaling?

How Auto Scaling works

output "target_group_arn" {
value = "${aws_lb_target_group.my-alb-tg.arn}"
Outputs:target_group_arn = arn:aws:elasticloadbalancing:us-west-2:XXXXXX0:targetgroup/my-alb-tg/85a23209f9c37964



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Prashant Lakhera

Prashant Lakhera


AWS Community Builder, Ex-Redhat, Author, Blogger, YouTuber, RHCA, RHCDS, RHCE, Docker Certified,4XAWS, CCNA, MCP, Certified Jenkins, Terraform Certified, 1XGCP